Beautiful Sicogon Island

First Impressions

If you truly want to escape and disconnect from the world then Sicogon Island is the best place for you. With its white sandy beaches, tastefully designed accommodation, great food and friendly staff — I really felt very relaxed and at home.

We stayed in Ayala Land’s newest resort in Panay Island — Balay Kogon. Named after the “cogon” grass that grows abundantly in the island. Balay Kogon is nestled between Mt Opao and the clear blue waters of Buaya Beach.

Things to do in Balay Kogon:

1. Laze Around

When you’ve got nothing to do, the best spot in the resort is the viewing deck. Have a beer, read a novel or just gaze into the calm blue sea.

2. Walk Around and Explore

In the morning, one can actually explore the ocean floor in front of the resort. Walk around and discover all the beautiful sea creatures that call this beautiful island home.

3. Trek a mountain or Go on an island adventure

Whether you stay on the island or sail away to the nearby Higantes Island — you will find yourself awe-struck by the beauty of mother nature.

The Verdict:

Overall, going to Sicogon Island was an awesome experience and adventure. I learned that I could survive a day or two without phone signal and just have time to breathe deeply, finish a book, have meaningful conversations and just truly appreciate how great life is.

Special thanks to my husband for the awesome photos. Follow him on instagram @the_reluctant_ig_husband.

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