Life Hacks from Lola

My grandmother is one tenacious lady. Her love for her family is immense, unyielding and unfathomable. Her life is amazing and I am learning so much from her about life, love and family. I am blessed to have an opportunity to spend one on one time again with her and in trip to the US, Its nice to also know more about her life and learn some valuable life hacks.

Here are some I’ve learned so far:

1. GRAB THAT OPPORTUNITY – My Lola did not wait for things to just casually land on your feet, if you see an opportunity for a better life for you and your family, grab it!

2. BE COURAGEOUS – my Lola was an army wife. My Lolo was assigned in Mindanao in the 1950’s and she would tell me stories for when their camp was raided at night. She learned to fire a gun to protect her family especially during those nights when Lolo was assigned somewhere else.

3. FOOD MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER – food, especially when cooked with love makes the world a better place. Our family loves to eat together. Whether it’s a happy occasion or a sad one, there would always be food on the table.

4. SHOW THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM EVERYDAY – be affectionate, that’s one of the things I have learned from her.

5. KEEP LEARNING, KEEP YOUR MIND ACTIVE. My family loves to play scrabble, its our family past time. At her age, my Lola can still kick my ass in scrabble without a dictionary.

My Lola is an incredible woman and I hope to always make her proud by becoming a woman that loves God first and foremost and her family above everything else.

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