Unexpected Divisoria Trip

In my experience, it's the unplanned trips that turn out to be the best. So last Saturday, Dina and I met at Divisoria. I parked at Lucky Chinatown Mall and met up with Dina at 168 Mall (which is just right next door).

The point in meeting up in 168 was to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant – WAI YING. We got asado rice, lemon chicken rice, roasted duck mami, hofan and hakaw. Nom nom nom.

And now we are fully satiated for the shopping madness that will ensue. Here are some photos of our finds in Divisoria.

Here's a Lola selling creepy toys. I bought a toy ipis for my friend and husband for P10 for 3 pcs.

Jars Galore on Tabora Street. Tabora Street is where you will find all arts and crafts supplies. So if you need paper, wedding giveaways, props, food containers, ribbons, etc. this is the place to be. I bought mason jars from the stall in front of Morning Glory for p45/pc for half a dozen.

The Morning Glory store is one of my favorite stores in Tabora Street, they sell ribbons, threads and anything you might need for sewing.

Just some Tita tips:

  1. Buy in bulk if you can
  2. Buy in advance – I already bought gift wrapping ribbons for Christmas because they tend to get more expensive as the season begins.
  3. Park in Lucky Chinatown Mall. It's only p50/3 hours and it's in the center of everything.
  4. Bring your own shopping bag.

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