All About Beauty: The Ultimate Tita Guide

I really believe that your skin care regimen should not be complicated nor should it create a hole in your pocket. It took me a series of trial and error and finally I've found the one.

Meet the VMV Fab Five!! (note: this is not a paid ad by VMV, just my honest to goodness review of these babies.)

Since my skin is combination skin, I was recommended by the VMV Derma to use the Hydra Balance Line. So I start with the Gentle Cream Cleanser – what I love about this is its non-drying and it is virgin coconut based.

Then I proceed to the toner for that deep cleanse. Again, what I love about this is that its non-drying.

Since I have occasional breakouts, I also use the MONOLAURIN GEL in the morning. It prevents acne breakouts and gives my skin that nice matte finish.

Then I use the HYDRA BALANCE moisturizer in the morning and at night. I cannot stress enough the importance of moisturizing your skin to prevent early signs of aging.

And before I step out of the house, I use the VMV Armada Sunblock. This sunblock is the BEST I've ever had. It feels so good on my skin. It has the coverage that I'm looking for and it doesn't give me rashes whenever I perspire.

If you want to know more about VMV products, visit their website:

Additional Tita Tips: watch out for their sales especially on their facials!!

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