Shopping in Palawan

One of my favorite “very Tita” things to do while I’m on a vacation is to go… say it with me… SHOPPING!! So while the boys (Tito and Super Tito) stayed at the hotel, the girls (Tita, Super Tita and Ate Tita) went on a shopping trip. 

First stop, the Pasalubong Center, located near the Puerto Princesa airport for some well duh … pasalubong. This particular pasalubong center is a one-stop-shop, from Palawan cashews to t-shirts and even jewelry. 

When you’re pressed for time, like we were, we were lucky to find a stall selling the famous Baker’s Hill Hopia. Of course, your Tita ordered the ube (purple yam) flavor (because only a true blue Tita loves anything that’s ube flavored).

This stall outside the airconditioned pasalubong centers not only sells Baker’s Hill goodies but also native crafts. Super Tita was able to buy a kamagong cane for only P250 (which was a good deal because it’s hardwood according to Super Tita).

Next stop, the Palawan Public Market for some dried fish pasalubong. 

The term “Lamayo” is used by locals to refer to the process of preparing the fish — marinating it in vinegar with salt and pepper. I cannot wait to try this at home! 

In the Gorospe stall in the Palawan Public Market, they sell all kinds of dried fish. They even gave Super Tita a senior citizen discount, which of course she loved. 

While any self-respecting Tita loves to haggle and enjoy the thrill of buying anything for a discounted price, let’s remind ourselves to support the local community who depend on the Tita and Tito tourists for their income. #SupportLocal

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