Lunch at Ka Lui

One of the restaurants that my family and I were looking forward to was Ka Lui. It came highly recommended by locals and from friends who have been to Palawan and this Tita is very happy to report that it did not disappoint.

“Ka Lui” is roughly translated to “At Lui’s”. They serve mostly Filipino food and specializes on local Palawan cuisine. Using only native ingredients and the freshest catch of the day. 

Upon entering the restaurant we were asked to take off our shoes. Apparently, all guests and servers go barefoot here. It is as if you’re entering someone’s home in the province, the servers explained.

The ambiance was distinctly Filipino, with the hardwood flooring and decorative Filipino elements. 

We ordered the seafood platter that consisted of sweet and sour lapu-lapu, fish roll, seafood sisig, shrimps and fried eggplant. Since we are a family that is afraid of getting hungry – we ordered additional dishes like lato (local seaweed) and the Tubattuha Salad (a house specialty consisting of kilawin tuna, fresh fruits and the special “Palawan” sauce). 

From the friendly, happy-to-serve servers, the excellent taste and instagram-worthy food, to the overall ambiance, the Ka Lui experience certainly exceeded all of our expectations. *burp* Hope we can come back again soon!

Have you been to Ka Lui’s? If yes, what was your most favorite dish? If not, what do you want to try? Let me know by commenting below.

Notes from Tita: 

*Ka Lui is open everyday except for Sundays and the restaurant gets full quickly so make sure to make your reservations in advance. 

**Wanna know where it is? Here’s the Google map link of Ka Lui

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