Wildflour Bakery 50% Promo

One of my goals is to share with all of you Titas my fabulous finds. I love breads, ask anyone I know, from the kanto bakery that sells spanish bread and ‘red bread’ na hmm I’d rather not say the local name for it haha… and most especially those fancy artisanal bakeries —  that sell brioche, croissants, baguettes, etc —  that are popping up everywhere. I love me some good bread. #thisiswhyimfat The good thing about these posh artisanal bakeries is ‘they always need to keep it fresh’ ergo they need to let go of their stocks by the end of the day and therefore need to lower down their exorbitant prices so people like me finish off their stocks. Hihi and that’s absolutely the best part mga Titas! SALE! SALE! SALE! Imagine 50% off on freshly baked breads.

Here are some of my finds from the Salcedo Village Makati branch of Wild Flour Cafe & Bakery by Chef Walter Manzke.

Nom nom nom! They were so good!!


Tita Tip: So next time you’re in the area of a good bakery, ask what time they’ll go on sale!


Til the next post! Toodles Titas!


2 thoughts on “Wildflour Bakery 50% Promo

  1. Renee

    Hey nice mug!


    1. titasintraining

      Thank you!!


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