Tito and Tita Goes to Cebu (Day 1)

Lechon. Chicharon. All the good things that supposedly come from Cebu — but surprisingly as this Tita learned — there are more things that make you love Cebu and make you want to come back for more.

How is it that in a country of 7,107 (high tide? low tide?… yesss, if you’re a real Tita alam mo kung sino nagsabi nyan!! … and if you do, please by all means, comment away!) — Anyways, for a country this small — the weather can be so different from one major island to another. So, when Tito and I left for Manila, it was raining heavily and admittedly I was already bracing myself for a delayed flight or worse, a canceled one. Huhu.

Hello, Hello Mr. Sun!!
Antok na antok talaga ako but I really had to take this shot. Hello, Hello Mr. Sun!! Shyett baket tabingi ang photo!! Huhu di ko maayos! #titatechprobs
But surprisingly, PAL really delivered. To my surprise, we arrived on time! *gasp* right?? And to my further surprise — it was sunny!! (Cue: ilabas ang Tita shades.)

Our destination in Cebu was Bantayan Island. We had to ride a bus to Hagnaya Port from the North Bus Terminal. Since we had an early flight, the Tito and Tita fell asleep in the bus and didn’t even realize that we had been travelling for about 3 hours. Yes, ganun sha pala kalayo!

Upon arrival at the Hagnaya port, Tito bought me a buko juice (LOL! so Tita!) and brought us some tickets to ride the next ferry departing for Bantayan and travelled for another 1 hour on the boat. Let me tell you at this point  — I was very close to being HANGRY. Alam nyo yan!! Kinakain na ng tyan ko yung tyan ko sa gutom!! Anyways buti na lang may mga chips na binebenta sa roro and alive pa yung sandwich from our flight, thank you PAL!

Tito holding my buko juice. LOL buko juice, so Tita!!
Tito holding my buko juice. LOL to buko juice, what a Tita!!
So, when the ship finally docked, we were promptly picked up by our driver at the port. It was really a sight to behold especially when you think about the destruction that Yolanda had placed upon this tiny island. So just a few kilometers away we finally arrived at Kota Beach Resort. I was so thrilled to see the beach, the white sand and the little resort that will be our home for the next couple of days.

So, apparently, little to our knowledge, our resort was the shoot location of this movie called ‘Camp Sawi’. It was shot a few months before our arrival.

Where do broken hearts go???
Where do broken hearts go???
They left one of their prod design arch things and I had so much fun sharing this photo with my friends back home. They actually thought we were there for a ‘couples camp’ hihi but no mga Titas to clarify — props lang po yan! So after having lunch — of fish and liempo (shempre nasa beach eh kelangan may seafood + liempo combo agad!) and checking in, Tito and Tita had to take a nap. Grabeh naman kasi ang layo ng tinahak namin! My gosh!

So to summarize, eto yung route namin ni Tito on the way to Bantayan Island:

  1. From the Cebu Airport, catch a cab to the North Bus Terminal (P200 approx depends on the traffic)
  2. Catch a bus (may choice ka kung aircon or non-aircon) to Hagnaya Port or straight to Bantayan Island. (P160 per person if aircon until Hagnaya)
  3. Roro to Bantayan Island (there are two ferry service providers — either one is okay naman at P170 per person)
  4. Ta-da! Nasa Bantayan ka na!

And, here are some more photos of our Day 1 in Cebu. Enjoy! Toodles Titas!


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